Plumbing is one of the essential system in your home. It is process distributing and taking out thewastage water. It is the system of pipes, drains, fittings, valves fixtures. All should be installed tomaintain your water for drinking, washing, and waterborne waste removal.

Know basic purposes:

1. A fresh water system, 2. Appliances and fixtures, 3. A drain system. And you must need bothcold and hot fresh water supply. Collecting Basic materials: There need some basic materials, like stainless steel, brash, and plastic, copper, asbestoscement etc. and it must be nontoxic materials and products. Of course, many time your healthdepends on this system.

Take care of Safe water:

The first priority is to provide clean water in the kitchen and bathroom, toilets, bath tabs,dishwasher and all area with running water and you must know about your potable watersupply. You must see the better position of pipes, water heater, water meter, faucets andshutoff valves.

Awareness about blockage of Sewerage:

You have to keep the drain always clear. You should keep in mind some basic things; where isthe main water source and how it shut off? Check water meter and the bill to find out irrelevantthings. What type of waste disposal system will be installed and where the clean out plugs willbe?

Knowing how to use of the tools and equipment:

You have to know the way of using the tools, because it helps for your safety at plumbing. It isyour home, so when you want to take care yourself, you must need some tools. Like other tools,you need some specific tool kit for your plumbing system, such as propane torch, tongue andgroove pliers, hacksaw, metal file, basin wrench, hand auger, tubing cutter and so on.

Checking the issues:

One of the most frustrating problem is leakage issue. It is not tolerable wasting the precious water, you can get rid of this issue by checking it regularly.

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Conscience about healthcare:

A good plumbing system is always maintain your health care. You need to use fresh water. So you should be careful too about your water system, because your health depends good systems.

You should use a proper design of your plumbing system. If you face big technical problem inyour water system. You need to hire an expert plumber.

The good plumbing services are a precondition for a comfort life. To keep your home out of all sorts of

problem about sewerage system you have to know better plumbing system.

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