Shared Web Hosting Hosting Providers vs a Dedicated Web Hosting Service

Generally speaking, expect to pay $3 - $10 per month for a reliable shared hosting plan, $30 - $55 per month for a mid-range VPS type of hosting which is closer to having your own private server. Hosting providers generally offer three main hosting options - Shared, VPS, and Dedicated - and some others such as WordPress, Business, and Reseller hosting. Specialist features such as one-click WordPress staging and GitHub support are available on the higher-tiered packages. The more you look, the more types of hosting services, you will find. They are all at slightly different price points and offering different features and options. The trick is to find not only the best rated and price but also choose one that fits your website needs closest.  Shared web hosting providers offer a service which is essentially the opposite of a dedicated web hosting service. Dedicated hosting is where only one website exists on a server. Conversely, in shared hosting, all share the resources such as hard drive space and bandwidth. Obviously, shared web hosting is not ideal for larger businesses with lots of visitors but is perfectly good enough for most of those with small websites. 

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