A Comparison Between Gprs And Edge

The word GPRS is very commonly heard.But you might be unaware of its full name which is "GENERAL PACKET RADIO SERVICE". It is used as nonvoice value added service that allows information to be sent and received across a mobile telephone network. It uses the radio services.But no one would have heard about the EDGE .It is the private company which is one of the leading online information broker.They provide information to the customers as they require.The carry out even manual researches on the demand of the people.

The EDGE provides the information only about Companies. It doesn't give information about the whole scenario of the world. But GPRS can give any kind of requested information to the users. They give the information like share prices, sports scores, weather, flight information, news headlines, prayer reminders, lottery results, jokes, horoscopes, traffic, location sensitive services and so on. EDGE gives the complete overview of any company requested like information on products, markets, industries, medical, technical, management or social science. GPRS requires GPRS connection on the mobile phone or terminal.It requires GPRS subscription to work. GPRS facilitates instant connections whereby information can be sent or received immediately as the need arises, subject to radio coverage. No dial-up modem connection is necessary. This is why GPRS users are sometimes referred to be as being "always connected". EDGE does not require any type of connection. They require to fill the form by the customer. The customer fills the form by the information which they require. These form is considered as customer "REQUEST FORM". EDGE conduct searches of worldwide publications on specific companies and topics on a regular basis. GPRS does not conduct searches on any searches.

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